3llium Shampoo 10ml x 24 sachets

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Product Description

Trichlorfon + Deltamethrin + Ketoprofen + Spinosad

* Ectoparasiticide/Muscle Relaxant

* Dipping Solution

* 20ml per sachet of twin pack

* With Citronella scent

• Triple Mite and Tick Killing formula

• Super Quick Heal

• Soothing Muscle Relaxant

• Insect Repellent

• Mega - bubbles

For external parasites: Ticks, fleas, lice and mites. Relief of muscle and joint pains due to strenuous exercise. It also provides soothing, moisturizing and glossier feathers in fighting cocks.

Direction for Use:

1. Rise rooster in plain water to remove dirt.

2. Mix 10ml of the solution with 2 gallons of water (good for 10 cocks)

3. Dip the rooster in the solution while gently massaging to ensure though penetration and full contact with the skin.

4. Do not rinse and let the solution to dry on the rooster.

5. Spray or pour the excess solution on the teepee to eliminate parasites on the ground.