B50 Forten (200 Tablet)

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Product Description
  • B50/2 Forten is a scientifically formulated and highly potent supplement of essential minerals and vitamins fortified with Vitamin B12


  • Improves body metabolism and increase energy production
  • Sharpens gamefowls' reflexes and boosts resistance against stress and diseases
  • Prevents hemorrhages and hastens wound healing
  • Necessary for normal bone growth and development
  • Enhances appetite, normal growth and reproduction
  • Important in maintaining structural integrity of cells, tissues and mucous membranes.
  • Maintains osmotic pressure and acid base balance
  • For prevention of rickets, osteomalacia, black tongue, anemia, polyneuritis, curled toe paralysis, exudative diathesis, crazy chick disease and reproductive failure.

Dosage and Administration:

I. For Training & Conditioning:

  • Give one (1) tablets 4 times a week and preferably after workout or sparring.

II. During Convalescence from Wounds and Diseases:

  • One (1) tablet daily
  • Administer orally