Dextrose Powder 1KG

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Product Description
  • Dextrose – a high-grade medicinal glucose for rapid energy and effective for rapid relief and prevention of fatigue. Valuable as rapidly assimilated food supplement during feverish illness and convalescence when appetite is poor in chicken, racing pigeon, fish, cow, Carabao, horse, goat, duck, pig, turkey, rabbit and other animals. Its keep chicken, dog, racing pigeon and fish fight against fatigue, stress, maintain strength, alertness and healthy at all times. As blood sugar the natural source of body energy. Helps rebuild muscle and body tissue. Natural and nutritious food. Eliminates fatigue, increase resistance and more alert. More aggressiveness, more energetic and improve weight and agility.


  • Each gram contains:


  • Dissolve 1 to 2 tablespoon daily in a glass of water.