Mega Legend Crumbles 100g

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Mega Legend is a feed additive fortified with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that could be incorporated to the daily ration of gamefowl chicks to have excellent health foundation and attain desirable spread of breast muscles among stags and conditioning cocks.


Mega Legend Crumbles – for day-old chicks up to 2 months of age.

Product Features and Benefits:

1. Contains 38% Crude Protein

• Provides solid foundation • Builds strong resistance

• Excellent vaccination response

• Stress resistance during changing weather patterns, transferring to ranging

2. Extruded

• Digested easily, thereby utilizing the nutrients for good health and desirable growth among growing chicks

• Prevents crop bound and excess moisture content among conditioning cocks.

3. With Coccidiostat

• For the prevention of coccidiosis, a protozoal disease that causes bloody droppings and early mortality among chicks.

4. Formulated in Australia

• Have an assurance that all the nutrients needed by the gamefowls for their growth, development and maintenance are completely available.

5. MEGA LEGEND is a feed supplement specially made for gamefowls.

Dosage and Administration

Day-old chicks up to 2 months of age:

Mix 100 grams of MEGA LEGEND Crumbles to 1 kilo of Chick Booster.

Feed until one month of age and Chick Starter Feeds up to 2 months of age.