Pepe Soluble Powder 5g x 50

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Product Description

Indications: PEPE soluble powder for drinking water is a perfect combination of broad spectrum dewormer Levamisole and Piperazine to effectively remove all types of worm affecting livestock (pigs, cattle, goat, sheep etc) and poultry animals (broiler, layer, duck, quail, turkey, fighting cock, pigeons etc).

PEPE soluble powder is a single dose powder for piglets and dogs.

Dosage and Administration:

Deworming is preferably done in the morning.

Fresh drinking water must be available after deworming.

Swine/Piglets: 1 week after weaning, 1 sachet per head. Mix in water or feeds

Small Ruminants: Every 4 months or after heavy rain, 1 sachet per 12kg body weight. Mix in a small amount of water and give as drench 

Chicks: 1 month of age (10 heads), 1 sachet per liter of water. Give as sole source of water.