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Product Description

Black Rooster Prime Up 10 ml

Product Description:

Prime means to be at first or in essence be First and the thing we must do to our gamefowl is to get them set, ready and be prepared before training in pre conditioning and conditioning or in any excessive activity. Setting and preparing allows better results and outcome in every training by handlers that want to see evidently most especially in time of the fight.

Prime up is a product specially developed to Set and Prepare our Gamefowl in any form of activity. Whether it be before breeding, conditioning, or training, Black Rooster Inc’s first in the market Emulsified B Complex brings you an exceptionally fast digesting, fast absorbing Emulsified B vitamins in combination with balanced amounts of the choicest Liver Tonic available. Get ready, get going.


• Ergogenic (increase work output)

• Anti - Stress

• Enhances performances and endurance

• Immunostimulant

• Fast recovery

• Enhances cardiovascular and brain functions

• Enhances oxygen utilization

• Improve recovery after strenous exercise

• Fastest absorbing B vitamins