Reload Plus - The Stress Buster 5ml (1 Box 12 Bottles)

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Product Description

The Stress Buster – Ribose + Electrolytes

Reload plus is an energy booster supplement that is formulated to help gamefowls recover from stress after travelling, sparring and other strenuous activities.

Components of RELOAD Plus:


• Quickest source of energy after travelling and during pointing

• Replenishes and provides continuous supply of Adenosine Triphospate (ATP)

• Provides every cell with energy


• Helps maintain body water and ionic balance thus preventing dehydration after travelling and sparring

• Helps recover from stress and provides instant rehydration

Why and When to use RELOAD Plus?

• To provide sufficient energy requirement before and after travelling your gamefowls

• To maintain electrolyte balance during pointing (last 3 days of conditioning)

• To boost energy supply during actual fight

• To maintain good condition of gamefowl after strenuous trainings and fight

Increase glucose reserves of newly hatched chicks on their first 2 hours of life.

Dosage & Administration:

During Conditioning (last 3 days of conditioning):

Give 7 drops of Reload Plus morning and afternoon


Give 7 drops of Reload Plus before putting inside the cock box. Upon reaching destination, let the gamefowl rest in a limber pen for 45 minutes then give 7 drops of Reload Plus afterwards.

Newly Hatch Chicks:

Mix 2ml of Reload plus to 20 ml of water. To be consumed within 2 hours.