V22 Tablet (100 Tablet)

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Product Description
V-22 Tablet Multi Vitamins + Minerals – The Power packed pills. For strong legs and wing muscles and for vigorous stamina of fighting cocks.
  • The power packed pills
  • For strong legs and wing muscles for vigor and stamina in fighting cocks
  • For strengthening wing and leg muscles in fighting cocks, packs vigor and vitality to prize fowls.


  • For recovery and recuperation of various stress conditions, nutritional deficiencies and anemia, pre and postnasal cases, pre and post operative care for growing kittens and puppies, lactating dams and for adult and geriatric animals.


For fighting cocks:

  • 1 tablet daily for 3 weeks
  • Before the fight or an recommended by a veterinarian.

For Dogs and Cats:

Puppies, Kittens and Smaller Breeds:

  • 1 tablet daily

Adult animals and large breeds:

  • 2 tablets daily