Voltplex KQ (100 Tablet)

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Product Description

VOLTPLEX KQ The Kill Quick Advantage

  • Creatine + L-Carnitine + Ubiquinone + Vitamin E + Thiamine = Ultimate Power and Energy.

The powerful combination of the components of VOLTPLEX KQ provides non-stop power and energy during fights. It is formulated to provide game fowls with the following:

  • Sustained power production
  •  Enhanced stamina
  • Gameness and aggressiveness
  • Alertness during fight


  • Creatine – vital component of the energy producing system in the muscles specifically ATP production.
  • L-Carnitine – transports fatty acids into energy producing system.
  • Ubiquinone – uses 90% of the nutrients from the feed intake to generate power and energy.
  • Vitamin E – protects the cell from harmful radicals.
  • Thiamine – acts as co-enzyme for energy producing system.

Other Product Benefits:

  • Aids in digestion thus preventing crop bound. • Enhances breeding capabilities of brood cocks.

Dosage & Administration:

Game fowl:

  • 1 caplet of VOLTPLEX KQ after morning and afternoon feeding on the last 2 days of conditioning period and 1 caplet in the morning on the day of fight.

Brood cock:

  • 1 caplet of VOLTPLEX KQ 3 times a week during the breeding season.