Wash Out Intense 10ml (24 Sachet)

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Product Description
LDI Wash Out Intense Shampoo (10mL)

  • Non-toxic to humans unlike other similar products with cypermethrin

  • Highly effective against lice and mites


Each 10 mL contains:

  • Permethrin - 150 mg

  • Piperonyl Butoxide - 75 mg

  • D-Panthenol - 10 mg

  • Eucalyptus


A shampoo specifically designed to kill & control lice & mites and provides glossier feathers in gamefowls.


  1. Mix 10 mL of Wash Out Intense Shampoo with 2 gallons of water.

  2. Dip the gamefowl thoroughly in the mixed solution allowing it to penetrate the base of the feathers.

  3. Allow the solution to dry up by exposing the gamefowl to sunlight. Do not rinse.

  4. Spray the remaining solution around teepees and cages as insect repellant.